We are excited to have you join us for the water baptism course! I am delighted that you have chosen to spend this day with us to absorb and practice the information that will be presented to you in this course. The desire to participate in water baptism is a good one, but it demands you to understand the reason for your actions clearly. Because you have given me the privilege of assisting you in becoming familiar with, comprehending, and putting into practice what Jesus and his apostles taught regarding water baptism, I am both honored and humbled. I pray that you will demonstrate your dedication to following Jesus by obeying the teachings that are about to be shared with you. After you have formally taken part in the water baptism process, I hope you will have much success in the future initiatives you undertake on behalf of the kingdom. After you have been baptized in water, you should consider becoming an instructor for this class. What is beneficial for you is also beneficial for those around you. Hold tight as you embark on an event that will forever change your life.
There is a wide range of disagreement over the practice of baptism by water. There is a great deal of misunderstanding over the procedure due to various teachings that are reflective of different denominational affiliations. Some people believe that to be saved or follow Jesus as a disciple, someone must first undergo water baptism. Some people believe that being baptized in water does not save anyone. However, some people completely disregard the topic of being baptized in water. What does Jesus, the King, teach about water baptism? We will find the right answers through the teachings that Jesus taught his apostles to teach you, I, and others to obey.