Course description

Let’s start the course by asking this question, what do people say about water baptism?
Because our faith or way of living should be based on Jesus as the foundation of our lives and the apostles he has chosen, Ephesians 2:20, we must turn to Jesus and his apostles to know the correct response to this question. In other words, we must look to Jesus and his apostles for the answer. Before Jesus ascended back to his heavenly kingdom, he commanded his disciples to teach others what they had learned from him, and one of the mandates he gave them was to baptize his followers in his name (Matthew 28:16–28).

Jesus commanded his disciples to teach others what he taught them before ascending to his heavenly kingdom. Therefore, it makes no difference what you think, what you believe, or what anyone else thinks. The only thing that truly matters is imparting to individuals the teachings that Jesus has commanded us to impart. That is exactly what I want to accomplish with what I will share with you. Because I want your faith to be built not on what I think but on what Jesus and his apostles taught as revealed in the New Testament. I will ask questions about water baptism and find the answers in the Bible. This course will construct your faith not from what I think but from what Jesus and his apostles taught. Stay glued!